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Fast Track Coaching: Never Ending Referrals for Market Centers

MAPS has built out some of our most popular programs in an eLearning format that let’s YOU control the pace of learning! No more missing the live webinars because you have an appointment. You decide when to engage in the eLearning opportunity and do it at YOUR convenience.

This is the 4th generation and the best yet of Never Ending Referrals with Steve Schlueter and Tammi Juengst. You may know it as M.O.V.E and now it is Never Ending Referrals (NER) for Market Center’s. This program is designed to be facilitated in your market center by a database champion of your choosing. They will have access to all the NER videos, resources and materials. Your Market Center will have access to marketing materials and leadership materials to assist in getting your agents on board with calling their database and bringing in the referrals!

Course Cost: $466 USD/month for 3 months ($1,398 USD)